I.S.T.D Ballroom and Latin Medal Tests

I.S.T.D Ballroom and Latin Medal Tests

Medal Tests can be taken in both Latin and Ballroom dance genres, and are assessed by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D).

They are designed to be accessible to any age group, from children to adults, and are a great way of providing students with a goal to work towards, increasing dance knowledge, technique and artistic quality.  Medal Tests boost students’ self-confidence and provide a structured approach to measuring progress.

How Medal Tests work

Medal tests are taken sequentially from Bronze to Gold level.  You will take a separate test for Latin medals and Ballroom medals.  Gemma will partner those who are entering the tests alone (including female students), or if you already have a partner then you are able to enter with them if you would like to dance together.

Once you have completed your Gold Medal, you are able to enter Medallist Competitions, and compete for higher awards.

To start preparing for Medal Tests, please contact Gemma.