Private Lessons

Private Lessons

There are many reasons why having private Ballroom dancing lessons can be beneficial. You don’t have to be of a certain standard to benefit – lessons are suitable for all levels.  Often for complete beginners this is a great way of learning more quickly and receiving more personal attention than is possible during a group dance class. For more advanced Ballroom and Latin dancers, they are a good addition to group lessons to accelerate your learning.  Private lessons can be used to work on a certain Ballroom or Latin dance style that you particularly like, learning more advanced steps and longer routines.

Gemma also offers small group private lessons for a maximum of four people per lesson. This way you can learn with your friends, or for a special event.  For example, if you are attending a wedding or black-tie event, you might like to learn basic social dance steps.  Perhaps you’ve already done some Ballroom dancing and would like to learn something more challenging or work on something you have found difficult. Gemma can help you with whatever it is you would like to focus on and is adept at finding the best method of learning for each individual student.

Private dance lessons are taught at the Capital Dance School in Marylebone, and the Dance Lab in Putney during daytimes and evenings.

Private lessons are available on a Pay As You Go basis, or via one of our Membership Packages.

For full details and in order to enquire about private lessons, please contact Gemma.

Had I not had your lessons, Gemma, I would have given up trying to dance. You made all the difference – thank you!  You took a fumbling, untalented beginner and taught me with such sensitivity that in an incredibly short time I am able to go to Social Dances and dance with anyone with confidence, and what’s more, such technically good basic steps that building on them was easy. I never thought I could do it, and thanks to you, I did!

Marianne Rodney