Welcome to Latin and Ballroom London!

Welcome to Latin and Ballroom London!

‘It’s the only hobby I’ve ever had where I never want the time to end!’


Sounds like something you want to get involved in?!  Then welcome to Latin and Ballroom London!

A message to you, from Gemma:

Whether you are a complete beginner to the world of Ballroom, or already know a thing or two about Quick-stepping your way around a dance floor, there is a class for you here!  My aim is to provide a personal, professional service to every single student that joins a class.  Whether your goal is just to learn some simple social dance steps for your next work party, or to start entering competitions, then I’m here to make that happen for you.  Maybe you don’t have a goal yet other than to learn how to dance…let me get you started! I hope to share with you my passion and enthusiasm for Ballroom dancing and teaching, and encourage you to start (or develop, if you’re an existing dancer) your journey into the world that I love!

If you are reading this and the thought of dancing leaves you feeling nervous, awkward, self-conscious or shy, then I want you! That’s right.  Bring me your fears and your two left-feet…or of course, your enthusiasm and excitement if that sounds more like you…and in return, I’ll give you the ability to dance better than you ever thought you could, more confidence, an hour away from your troubles and stresses, a fun, relaxed yet challenging learning environment, and a skill you’ll have for life!

I hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

Gemma Morton

Director, Latin Ballroom London