First Wedding Dance Lessons

We decided that we wanted to do a traditional “first dance” at our wedding, and rapidly realised that if we wanted to avoid embarrassing ourselves then it would be sensible to have some dance lessons! We started by doing Gemma’s beginners course. This was a great introduction to the basics of Ballroom and Latin dancing and allowed us to find out which style suited us best. We then went on to have private lessons to learn a Foxtrot routine that Gemma had choreographed for us. Gemma is an absolutely brilliant teacher and we can’t recommend her highly enough. She is friendly, encouraging and professional and having our lessons in the run up to the wedding provided a lovely space to enjoy ourselves amidst all the wedmin. After the wedding we’ve kept dancing, returning to Gemma’s workshops and courses and will hopefully keep dancing for many years to come!

Rachel and Adam Muckle


First Wedding Dance Lessons

Gemma can help you with your first wedding dance and put you at ease dancing in front of your guests on your wedding day. Whatever it is that you require; whether it’s just a natural style so that you feel confident dancing together, or something more complex, Gemma uses the classes to work with you to create your personal first wedding dance.  Even if you only have limited time to spare, she will show you how to look good and impress your guests with an elegant dance.

For many couples, dancing in front of your guests can be a daunting part of the wedding day, but it needn’t be.  During your first wedding dance lessons Gemma covers the basics of dancing with a partner before working on your choreography. She will be happy to suggest music if you don’t already have a song in mind.  You can choose a traditional style of dance, such as a Waltz, or Foxtrot, or perhaps surprise your guests by dancing a Cha-Cha-Cha or Salsa – it’s entirely up to you.  Gemma will advise what will work in the time you have available.

To enquire about private first wedding dance lesson packages, please contact Gemma.